Our team

Our people have strong and growing reputations​

Nathaniel Southworth ACMA, MBA​, Managing Director
Slytherin House

Nat has spent 15 years in the toy business, with roles in finance, buying, marketing, and sales and time with Asda, Vivid, Hti and Hornby preparing for this role.

He likes things to be black and white when it comes to the detail of the business.

A self-confessed workaholic, since joining KAPTOYS Nat believes he can add logistics to his experience having unloaded a container and run the traffic department of our operation for a three-week period.

Nat gets rather excited about what we are doing here at KAPTOYS and he loves talking about it!


Neil Leah, Head of Sales
Hufflepuff House

Nat met Neil on an early buy trip for Asda -don’t get them started on how many WWE® action figures they used to buy and sell. Nat joined Vivid and then they sold even more!

Neil has an unbelievable track record for growing sales, which now spans 40 years. He is an acknowledged professional and arguably one of the industry’s greatest salesmen, with a particular specialism in FOB transactions.

We challenge you to find anyone who has a bad word to say about Neil – mould broken.


James Southworth, Business Development Manager
Ravenclaw House

Unfortunately for James, he is Nat’s brother. For those who remember the story of the town mouse and the country mouse, James is the country variant and has possibly the firmest handshake in the toy industry.

James has never been afraid to get his hands dirty and likes to get stuck in. He sorted our warehouse out for starters but now handles all our independent toy business.

As he is family he bypasses any chain of command to make sure what is really going on at retail is heard loud and clear.

He has never missed a conference call... allegedly... (there are no witnesses!)