What will the top toy be this Christmas?

What will the top toy be this Christmas?

Whenever you are introduced to someone it eventually comes up in conversation that you work in the toy industry.

Often we end up discussing the movie, “Big!”, or what the must-have toy this Christmas will be.

Every year it makes the news and we have seen a growing trend of retailers and industry associations release their predictions of “The Top Toys for Christmas”.

Argos have made a push or a plan to be the first to release the list in recent years and in 2019 it has been no different, they announced what the winners will be on 6th June, 2019.

200 days ahead of Christmas Day!

There will now follow a steady stream of “commentators” advising what the top toys will be.

We have not analysed the accuracy of the predictions, but what we can categorically tell you is that the children’s market, or in particular the sales of children’s toys, is unbelievably challenging to predict.

If you are a parent or have experienced the speed of a child’s decision-making process, you know that in the time you pour a drink for them or the next day you serve their favourite meal - their opinion may have changed!

Add to this playground peer influence. Having secured a broad range of collectable sports stickers it only takes one peer influencer to share they aren’t collecting those anymore and they are moving on to the next thing. The sports stickers are then consigned to a shelf in the bedroom!

I am sure this sounds familiar to you as a parent, so what’s my answer to what the top toy will be this Christmas?

Currently in the UK & Eire market it will probably be from a major USA company called MGA, who are behind the current on trend phenomenon of LOL Surprise and are now launching LOL OMG!

However, it is of course far easier for me to share with you what we think the list will be from our own toy range, so in a rather “can’t beat them so we’ll join them” way, there now follows the inaugural;

Kids@Play Top 12 toys for Christmas 2019:

  1. Pedal Land Rover Defender £149.99


  2. Waddles the Waddle Duck £19.99

  3. Elf for Christmas Boy or Girl Magical Reward Kit £24.99


  4. Harry Potter Sorting Hat £39.99


  5. Harry Potter Magical Infinity Advent Calendar £69.99


  6. Kid Made Modern Studio in a Box £49.99


  7. 6’ Giant Inflatable T Rex Dinosaur £19.99

  8. Fisher Price Lion Drum Set £19.99

  9. Falk Dakar Pedal Quad bike £69.99


  10. DZNR Batman £19.99

  11. Ecoiffier Roleplay Food Truck £39.99

  12. Large Niffler £29.99

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  • Nathaniel Southworth