Not all rules are made to be broken!

Not all rules are made to be broken!

It is common place to say rules are made to be broken - but there are many rules that should not be disregarded... ever!

Toy safety and ethical policy is one such area. Kids@Play is a proud member of the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA). As a BTHA member we sign up to a number of commitments. One area that we are very passionate about is following the rules relating to toy safety and ethical trading.

By committing to the BTHA policy and our ongoing practice within these matters we are approved to use the lion mark.


This symbol provides you, the consumer, comfort that the product you have purchased has come from a BTHA member company. The comfort you have is that the product complies with all standards of manufacture and safety for our UK & Eire market.

Quite simply – look for the lion on the packaging! Sometimes its on the front and sometimes on the back of the pack, but BTHA companies always include it.

Why is this important?

It costs companies like Kids@Play money and time to follow through the legal and regulatory requirements to certify our products. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are not following the rules and this has now been evidenced within third party marketplaces via companies such as Amazon and Ebay.

The BTHA has delivered a white paper on this calling for the government to act.

This work has highlighted that up to 1 in 5 toys is unsafe!


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Read more, as reported in The Sun, here.

Importantly, the BTHA is supporting the toy industry by raising the issue before any more significant accidents occur. You can read more on the BTHA site here.

The message to consumers

If you are concerned then our recommendation is simple;

  1. “Look for the lion!”
    If you see a lion mark you know the product is produced by a BTHA member and is therefore compliant.
  2. No lion doesn’t mean no good...
    Look for the address of where the manufacturer or selling company is based and ask yourself how would you return or follow up an issue with the product? It may well pay to purchase with a little more caution to make sure you are getting the best play experience possible!

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  • Nathaniel Southworth