Just go outside and play!

Just go outside and play!

Back in the day (rose tinted spectacles go on!) our parents used to quite often say to us “go outside to play!” and we dutifully obliged (no answering back!) to create adventures with all the other kids in our neighbourhood.

Today technology has permeated our everyday lives and naturally it filters down to affect our children’s lives. I am probably the worst example to my children as my phone is rarely far from my hand and my mind is constantly working.

The truth is that we all probably need to take a step back and look at this phenomenon and hit the proverbial “reset”!

At Kids@Play we have tried to assemble a range of products that encourage active and outdoor play. Sometimes you’ve got to provide the spark to get things moving and we recently supplied some of our products to the Good Toy Zone at the “3 Foot People Festival”.

Sometimes even we get a little too focused on the day job of getting products into our warehouse and subsequently out to retailers or consumers.

Our chance to reset then;

A field, a few pedal tractors and a load of families... what could go wrong?

Clearly from the reaction – NOTHING!

The images that accompany this article show you what fun everyone was having. Children being pedalled, pushed or encouraged to use our products to get around!

We set ourselves a bold vision “to be your favourite toy company” and in those magical moments of happiness captured on the faces of families at this event you can see the tangible result of our work! Nothing makes us more satisfied than seeing, first-hand, all our hard work paying off like this.

My business mind is now fuddled trying to work out how we capture smiles as a pointer to gauge our success! However, I do genuinely hope everyone gets a chance to get outside to enjoy some of the current warm weather!

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  • Nathaniel Southworth